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Mississippi Bass Harp
Birch, Redwood, Ipe, Bottle Caps, Coffee Can, Gas Trimmer Line, Metal Tuners
Sean was inspired to make this instrument after many hours of listening to Don Cherry play doson goni with Codona. Tired of looking for one to purchase, he decided to make one.

"Traditionally, this instrument would have been made with a calabash shell, a goat skin head, and gut strings. Part of the tradional of folk instrument making is using the materials you have at hand. Instead of the calabash and skin is a birch box and instead of the gut strings there are heavy gauge gas trimmer line.

Part of the characteristic of African music is the buzzing sound. To create that sound, I cut up a coffee can and attached bottle caps. This device can be attached to the top of the instrument. But, I don't always want to hear that sound; which is why I made it detachable."
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