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AkambiraAkambira Video
The Akambira fuses African instruments, the mbira and the akadinda.

The mbira is one of many names for a thumb piano. Generally, the tines of the thumb piano are setup with the lowest pitched key in the middle and then alternating left and right up the scale. This alternating pattern is how we set up our akambira.

The akadinda is from the heartland of Africa: Uganda. It and its little brother, the amadinda, are both unresonated xylophones. The scale is pentatonic (meaning five notes to the octave) and they are often played by multiple players at the same time. Our akambira is also an unresonated xylophone, uses the pentatonic scale, and can be played by multiple players at the same time.

The Akambira is a wonderful instrument for music exploration and a joy to play.