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Being:Art was founded by artists/teachers Anne J. Froning and Sean Murphy in 2004. Our mission is to foster creativity and create aesthetic works of art. We believe in each person’s innate creativity and the power to express it!

We fulfill our mission through interconnected branches of products and services. The product branch is a nontraditional design/build studio dedicated to green practices that primarily creates musical instruments for outdoor classrooms. These instruments are distributed nationwide and foster creativity while connecting children and adults to nature. The service branch provides fusion art experiences in the form of performances, workshops, classes, and residencies.

Our production outdoor musical instruments are sold by Nature Explore, a joint effort of the Dimensions Educational Research Foundation and National Arbor Day Foundation. Through our work with Nature Explore we have sold instruments to public, private, and government institutions in nearly all fifty states with international sales beginning in 2012.

We are consultants for the Dimensions Educational Research Foundation developing and teaching workshops to educators. Through our work with Dimensions we have traveled extensively throughout the Unites States working with educators to incorporate outdoor play, dance, and music into their classroom curriculums.

Being:Art is one of the few companies in the Unites States creating musical instruments for permanent outdoor installation. Our instruments are designed for ease of play by the non-musician and musician alike and they are highlighted as a unique piece of craft-art in outdoor classrooms across the country. The designs and material choices (including sustainably harvested hardwoods) must withstand the rigors of existing in an outdoor environment for years with a minimum amount of maintenance. Our first installation was installed in 2006 at the Arbor Day Farm’s Nature Explore Classroom in Nebraska City, NE and is still played by thousands every year!

The service branch of Being:Art is unique because of our fusion of multiple art forms. These combinations include dance, music, design, yoga, craft, film, theatre, etc. Our performances, workshops, classes, and residencies seek to inspire others to find and develop their own creativity and self-fulfillment.

Creativity and expression are not priceless. Energy, time, love, and money are all needed to bring creative ideas to fruition!

If you have any trouble navigating our site, please do not hesitate to contact Sean.