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Meandering Marimba
The "Meandering" Marimba is a custom project designed and built for the National Arbor Day Foundation's Nature's Classroom. It lives outside at the Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City, NE.

This large scale project spans 25 feet in 4 joined sections. A total of 99 keys ranging from C2 to C7 on the piano. The first diatonic (white keys on the piano) section is box-resonated in the same manner as our First Marimba. The second diatonic section has a matching set of keys to the first, but is pipe-resonated (each key has a pipe hanging under it that is tuned to the same note as the key.) The third section is a fully chromatic section modeled after a professional orchestral instrument. The fourth section is a Bass marimba. It has 9 very large keys and makes a wonderful rumbling and powerful sound. It is diatonic as well except the lowest note is a flat 7 just to make it funkier!

Frames and Keys are made of Brazilian ipe. Pipe Resonators made of PVC and Box Resonator made of Marine-grade plywood.

During peak visitor season at Arbor Day Farm, this marimba is played by hundreds of children & adults every day! Special thanks to Rod, Derry, Gaye, Susan, and the rest of the ADF staff who've kept up the marimba and worked with us to make this and all future outdoor marimbas child- and weather-proof.

You can see and hear this instrument in action during the Collaborative Performances with Children video here.